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Our solar screen offer many benefits to home and business owners. Enjoy all the great benefits with energy efficient solar screens from Bakersfield Solar Screens. They’re the perfect solution and ideal product for maintaining shade and comfort in your home or business by controlling or completely blocking the sun, heat and glare.

Energy Efficient

One of the biggest benefits of custom solar screens is being able to block radiant energy from getting into your home in the first place. Solar screens can reduce your energy bill up to 30%. Traditional methods such as blinds and curtains allow that heat inside the glass and only block the light. Keep rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter! Reduce room temperatures up to 25% while saving energy and money in the long run. Our solar screens block out 90-95% of all solar heat. Air conditioning loads can decrease by 60% with exterior installed solar sun screen shades making them the ultimate in energy efficient solar sun shade and screen systems.

Problem Rooms

Do you have "problem rooms" that always seems to be hotter than the others? Can you can walk some rooms and feel the heat? The closer you get to the window, the more you can feel the heat on your skin? Some people even close off certain rooms because they are too hot. Solar Screens are the "Instant Cure" for these heat problems.

UV Protection

Additional benefits of installing solar screens on your windows is UV Protection for your Drapes, Furniture, Floors Paintings and other valuables to Reduce or Eliminate Fading and discoloration. Another added benefit is Daytime Privacy.

Sun Damage Protection

Protect your fine furnishings, drapes and other valuables from sun damage.

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