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Bakersfield Screens installs security screen doors that are strong enough to take the blow of a crowbar, yet sleek and attractive enough to go on your front door. Our true frame security doors offer a full view screen that allows air to circulate through your home, as well as protect it from unwanted intruders. Available in almost any color, our doors can be matched with your existing door and the color of your home.

Ultimate Security

Exceeds stringent cut, impact and jimmy resistance standards.

Pet Protection

Keeps pets safe and resists paws and claws punctures.


Maximizes air flow without compromising security.

Insect Control

Provides the benefits of insect screens with security-grade strength.

Full View

Eliminates the need for security bars and panels.

UV Protection

Protects the entire family from 60% of harmful UV rays.

Single Doors

 - 32” x 80”

 - 36” x 80”

 - 36” x 96”

 - Custom

Double Doors

 - 64” x 80”

 - 72” x 80”

Patio Doors

 - 72” x 80”

 - 96” x 80”

Storm Doors

 - 32” x 80”

 - 36” x 80”

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